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Founded with the sole purpose of simplifying group finances

About Legacy Financial

We work with member based organizations all over the country to increase their cashflow and streamline their operations.

The majority of today’s self-reliant groups are only able to collect 75 – 80% of their dues, resulting in a constant (and unnecessary) struggle when it comes time for collection. Boasting an average collection rate of 96%, our easy-to-use system will pay for itself. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your collection rate rise.

Legacy Financial has a proven track record when it comes to effective, efficient member invoicing and collection. With us in your corner, this is one battle that you won’t lose. When it comes to getting your money, we don’t mess around.

Meet The Team

We’ve acquired a team of superstars – the best in the business – to help support you in every way

Michael Bollinger President
JB Goll Director, National Accounts
Natalie Hepner Account Manager
David Johnston Web Developer
Jesse Hitt Director, Business Development
Molly Wilkinson Director, Account Services
Cindy Bell CPA
Ryan Lugabihl Account Executive
Steve Shearer Web Developer
Sasha Martynchuk Designer
Mallory Bollinger Director, Communications